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Уроки англійської мови з Іриною Опеченик
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Розмовна англійська. Наша сім'я

Увага! Якщо Ви не розумієте англійської граматику - це не Ваша вина! Вам просто її незрозуміло пояснюють. Ознайомся з Візуальною граматикою і перестань учити правила! Заповни форму нижче і отримай більш детальну інформацію на свою поштову скриньку.
Our Family
Our family is neither large nor small. I have a mother, a father and a sister. We all live together in a three-room flat in one of the industrial districts of Kharkiv. We are an average Ukrainian family. 
My father Ivan is 45 years old. He is a tall and well-built man with short black hair and grey eyes. He works as a teacher at school. He is a teacher of mathematic. He likes his work and spends most of his time there. By character my father is a quiet man, while my mother is energetic and talkative. 
My mother's name is Olga. She is a teacher too, but she is a teacher of music and plays the piano well. They work at the same school. My mother always has a lot of work to do about the house and at school. She is a busy woman and we all help her. 
My sister's name is Alla. Like our mother Alla has blue eyes and fair hair. She is a very good-looking girl. Alla is three years younger than me. She is a pupil of the eighth form. she does well at school and gets only good and excellent marks. Literature is her favourite subject and she wants to become a teacher, as well as I do. 
Our family is very united. We like to spend time together. In the evenings we watch TV, read books and newspapers, listen to the music or just talk about the events of the day.
Our parents don't always agree  with what we say, but they listen to our opinion. 
All of us like to spend our weekends in the country. We often go to the village where our grandparents live. They are aged pensioners now, but prefer to live in the country. My grand-grandmother is still alive. She live in my grandmother's family and is always glad to see us. Her health is poor and she asks us to come and see her more often. 
I also have many other relatives: uncles, aunts and cousins. 
We are happy when we are together.
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