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Уроки англійської мови з Іриною Опеченик
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Розмовна англійська. Моя сім'я

Увага! Якщо Ви не розумієте англійської граматику - це не Ваша вина! Вам просто її незрозуміло пояснюють. Ознайомся з Візуальною граматикою і перестань учити правила! Заповни форму нижче і отримай більш детальну інформацію на свою поштову скриньку.
My family
Before I start talking about my family, let me introduce myself. I am Sveta Petrenko. I am 17. I have left school this year. I was born in Kyiv, so I have been living in Kyiv since my childhood. 
And now I am going to tell you about my family. We are a family of five. We think we are a large and friendly family. So we are happy to be living together.
To begin with, I am going to talk first about my dad. His name is Olexandr, he is 45. He works as a surgeon in a hospital. He is neither old, nor young. He is a good-looking man, handsome, rather thin, with dark brown hair just beginning to go grey. He is a very sociable person. What I don't like about my father is that he is always busy. Very often he works overtime. He is a bread-maker in our family. He is fond of going to the country at weekends, because he enjoys working in the garden. 
My mother's name is Nataly. She is three years younger than my father. She works as a teacher at a nursery school. My mother is rather slim and pretty, she is always elegant and smart. In short, she is a pleasant-looking woman of about 40. She always has a lot of work to do at school and about the house. She is fond of her work and spends a lot of time there. But she has to cook the food for the whole family at home. But my granny and I have a habit of helping her about the house. 
Boris ismy elder brother.He is six years my senior. So he is 23 already. He has graduated from the University and works as an economist now. He is married. His wife is a journalist. They are three in the family. They have got a child, my hephew. It is a lovely little boy of two with golden hair and dark blue eyes. He is full of joy and gaiety. My brother's family live separately. 
And finally a few words about my grandmother. My granny is my best friend, I must tell you. She is always ready to listen to my endless stories about my school life and my friends. 
she is on pension now, but in her youth and her older age she worked as a teacher at school. She is a very understanding person, I must admit. 
Put it into a few words, we are a united and friendly family.   
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