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Уроки англійської мови з Іриною Опеченик
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Розмовна англійська. Сімейні цінності

Увага! Якщо Ви не розумієте англійської граматику - це не Ваша вина! Вам просто її незрозуміло пояснюють. Ознайомся з Візуальною граматикою і перестань учити правила! Заповни форму нижче і отримай більш детальну інформацію на свою поштову скриньку.
Family values
Family is basically the core of our way of living. The family values have been important since the very beginning of our civilization. Even the primitive caveman was very loyal and respectful to his particular family unit. People of our time have followed these ideas of family values up until the present day. Today however people are more diversified and separated in their ways, but they all share similar values of the family. Civilization, over time, has brought about values which have become essential to all and these values are passed on from generation to generation. Family value is what we think about the family and the quality of living. It basically gets down to what you think what is the most important, in other words what you value. In typical family the importance of honesty, close family relationships, forgiveness, generosity, caring, respect of each other, privacy, freedom to choose, appreciation of achievements, feeling of belonging is promoted. 
Family is more than a place where we eat and sleep. It is the place where we get to know what matters most and learn the great lessons about being human. But how do people teach these essential things? The most efficient way to teach values is by example. Parents teach kindness by the way they treat each other in the family; they teach service by the way they reach out to people around them; they teach resourcefulness by the way they solve family problems. When a family member is having trouble , do all the rest unite to support that person? When a person breaks important family rules, do the others try to help that person find better ways? Children learn by example. 
Another way to develop family values is by the stories told in the family. The simple conversations of life show what people value. When parents tell their children how much they appreciate somebody's helpfulness, they are showing what is important to them. In addition, many families regularly talk about their heroes. These heroes may be great citizens of the world, literary characters, or scriptural figures. Talking about heroes and their deeds sends the children powerful messages about the values honoured by the family. In some families it is customary to invite family members at a leisurely weekend dinner to talk about their best experience of the day or the past week. This can not only help us to learn about each other's values but also deepen the bonds that unite us as a family. 
The efficient way to teach values is by the traditions instituted in the family. For example, the family that makes a tradition of helping neighbours teaches caring. The family, in which members help each other in times of need, is teaching cooperation. The family, in which parents do not make their children follow their own life style, promotes the freedom of choice. Positive family values don't just happen. Family members learn to be strong and caring people partly because the family has carefully cultivated practices that support those values. The adults in a strong family set the tone. They are good models that lead by example. They reach out to friends and community and teach their children the importance of doing the same  - and that becomes part of who the children are. They work together to deal with problems, and they pass their skills on to the next generation.
What exactly makes up a strong family that possesses good family values? A family that sustains its members is the one that supports and nourishes them throughout the span of that family. A strong family creates a safe, positive and supportive place for all members to thrive. A healthy, happy family benefits our whole society. Among the children of strong families there is less crime, less divorse and less amotional problems. They tend to go on and have strong, healthy families of their own, having learned from their folk's example.
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