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Уроки англійської мови з Іриною Опеченик
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Розмовна англійська. 8 березня

Увага! Якщо Ви не розумієте англійської граматику - це не Ваша вина! Вам просто її незрозуміло пояснюють. Ознайомся з Візуальною граматикою і перестань учити правила! Заповни форму нижче і отримай більш детальну інформацію на свою поштову скриньку.
The 8th of March
On the 8th of March people in our country celebrate International Women’s Day. It’s a great tradition to thank the women we love for beauty and care they give us. We greet our moms and grannies, our sisters and friends, our lovers, teachers and colleges.
All the women are always beautiful but on such a day they are absolutely charming like the flowers. Perhaps, that’s why the best present for the 8th of March is a bunch of spring flowers.
We always celebrate the 8th of March in our family. Our tradition for this holiday is that all the housework is done by men. My mother and I are not allowed to help in any way.
My father and brother get up early and cook celebration meals, decorate the flat with flowers and make coffee while women are restricted to come in. Then we sit down at the table to have breakfast. After that it’s time for giving presents.
If the weather is fine we may go for a walk to the park. In the evening we receive guests. Our friends come to talk and have some fun together.
The 8th of March is a happy day for every woman when she is specially treated just for being woman. We are always thankful to our dear men for their attention.
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