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Уроки англійської мови з Іриною Опеченик
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To study for free?! In Great Britain?! No problem!

Увага! Якщо Ви не розумієте англійської граматику - це не Ваша вина! Вам просто її незрозуміло пояснюють. Ознайомся з Візуальною граматикою і перестань учити правила! Заповни форму нижче і отримай більш детальну інформацію на свою поштову скриньку.

To study for free?! In Great Britain?! No problem!

Як вивчити англійську мову
A lot of students dream of obtaining a degree from ah overseas university and, in particular, of one from Great Britain. This country famous for its traditions and unique education system, seems an optional location. Moreover, it is possible to study there for free! In this article you will find out how to obtain financial assistance such as grants and scholarships to pay for tuition and living expenses in Great Britain.

Getting financial assistance necessarily involves an assessment of your academic progress, educational background and work experience. However, it is also a matter of time. As a rule, students must start preparing the necessary documents at least a year before their intended study. This time is spent filling out the applications, sending them to the appropriate bodies, having them assessed and, finally, receiving the results. Most financial assistance programs have deadlines, so the earlier you start the better.

Applying for several assistance programs is a wise move, as there are no restrictions on how many grants you can apply for and you simply increase your chances of obtaining funding.

Financial assistance programs come in two broad categories. The first covers full funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and maintenance; while the second covers only partial expenses associated with education and living. The latter category mostly consists of individual universities' grants and scholarships, so it is best to consult each university regarding their own financial assistance programs.

However, financial assistance covering all expenses Is varied. Some of the most famous scholarships and their web sites are presented below:
1) Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Students from all over the world are eligible to study at Cambridge. Funding is available for up to three years with the possibility of extension to a forth year. The scholarships will cover all costs, including tuition, maintenance and travel. Go to http://www.gates.scholarships.cam.ac.uk for more information and application rules.
2) Sasakawa Scholarships at Sussex University. This scholarship is available to students with different majors who want to get a Master's degree at Sussex University. Consult www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/publications/pgrad2000/apply/funding.html for more information.
3) OS/ Chevening Cambridge Scholarships in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Students who study Social Sciences and Humanities can apply for this one. This scholarship is only for those who have not studied a full academic year outside Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union or Mongolia. Go to http://www.irf.kiev.ua/ukr/programs/index.html and select the appropriate program file.
4) Enterprise Europe Placement Scheme. This program is for young business people and, in particular, managers. It aims to let talented people get work experience in successful British companies. All the costs of the placements are covered by the sponsoring organization (Enterprise Europe). Please see http://www.enterpriseeurope.demon.co.uk for further information.

There is an abundance of available resources, but the best way to start your search is Internet and by directly contacting Universities.

The process of getting funds for education takes time, so you will need to be patient. Good luck! 
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